Question:  What is the origin of the name The Hipplomats™?
Answer:  It comes from the Latin words "hippa", meaning cool, awesome, rad ... and "diplomatis", meaning go play nice with your friends.

Question:  What is the favorite music of The Hipplomats™?
Answer:  Interestingly, it's not hip-hop.


Meet Some of the Characters You May Encounter in the Hipplomats

You never know when you're liable to run into any of the following …

   Avery Laungstry
   Adelle U. Thyss
   Anita Kuekaurd
   Rita Danuze

   Begonia Fooles
   Will Neffyrbauj
   Noah Khampramyze
   Phil Theerytch

   Eileen Tuethalepht
   Taksumi Moore
   M. T. Iorwollet
   Anne Uthertaks
   Justin Uthertaks

   Willie Auvirspend
   Ima Phensytter
   Noah Bakboan

   Claire Tharume
   Ima Blathertrapp
   Luca Heernauw
   Ivan O'Brayne
   Juan Moortheng

   Estelle Lyes
   Liev Toomey

   Cassius Pryfurd
   Gladys N. Kash
   Colin de Favers

   Don Everett Meet
   Skip Emile Nauwynden

Stan Dauphysh, shy political appointee

Lou Slypps, confidential informant

Clarence Saylze, consumer reporter

Strom Boessis, Surgeon General

Jocelyn Travelers, airport TSA agent

Evan Kanthwayte, House Chaplain

Christian Bjorn-Uggyn, Asst. House Chaplain

Dotty Soetroo, investigative reporter

N. Clement Wethur, D.C. meteorologist

Ima Reese Paunzybel, confessing felon

Juno Wutt, Homeland Security interrogator

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Archive:  1   2   3   4   5 

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"The Hipplomats" © 1996 - by Gary M. Winter.  All rights reserved.

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Telly Saul Yunoh, another Homeland Security interrogator

Clement C. Pleez, parole candidate

Athena Raubry, eyewitness to a crime

Laurent D. Strict, unscrupulous landlord

Grecia Athydor, Walmart greeter

Beale T. Nomayoh, D.C. sandwich shop operator

Bruno Kaufy, FDA caffeine opponent

Sarah Dauktrynthaus, hypochondriac

Heinz Eyte, Congressional historian

Seattle Upp, political intern from Texas

Brandon O'Stere, half-Irish, half-Texan intern

Virgil Ray Allaty, Senate computer programmer

Les Sault, White House chef

Fisk L. Myscheff, indicted senator

Lotta Myscheff, senator's problem child

Lawson Phaund, private investigator

Maureen Korre, Pentagon analyst

Gloria Awltok, publicity-hungry attorney

Mike Tyresome, boxer

Natalie Dacktaut, super model

Colin Deheet, FBI agent

Kip F. Degrasse, White House groundskeeper

Iris Kevrithin, investment reporter

Les Cettledys, arbitrator

Cole Durrenhel, Senate furnace repairman

Travis Tiev Justess, career criminal

Marion Phoorluv, Capitol Hill romantic

Wendy Sittey, Chicago alderman

Douglas S. Haffel, Secretary of Optimism

Darryl Lee Tawl, basketball announcer

Liam O'Zean, White House chauffer

Betty Lathan Ever, always-tardy senator

Morey Orless, Congressional Budget Office estimator

Harvey Styme, Secretary of Agriculture

Abel Baudede, fitness expert

Cher Dwelth, philanthropist